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Balance and Control
What we have to learn to do we learn by doing.
   -Aristotle, Ethcia Nicomachea II c. 325 BC
Filterability Appliance   Increase laboratory productivity by automating your filterability analyses with the reliable and compact Wine Filterability Appliance. The turnkey system includes:
  • An industrial grade single board computer (SBC) system
  • A data keypad
  • The latest filterability software installed on flash memory
  • Wine Filterability   Software to optimize wine filtration using a digital balance connected to a PC. One winery saw a first year savings of over $50K. Our client list now includes some of the world's largest wineries:
  • Sebastiani Vineyards, Sonoma
  • Turner Road Vintners
  • Mondavi Winery, Woodbridge
  • Delicato Winery
  • Associated Vintners Group
  • Mark West Winery
  • Golden State Vintners
  • Beringer Blass Wine Estates
  • Blossom Hill
  • Ravenswood
    A new version of the program was released in 2007.
  • Custom Hardware   Re-engineerd computers to capture the feel and charm of the past; hidden inside that vintage radio console is the horsepower of today. Want a modern computer tucked inside an '84 vintage IBM-XT® case? (Let us do the torch work!) Our latest creation is built inside an '83 Prime minicomputer.
    Point of Sale   Built for small business operations, our full-featured MS-DOS POS was designed from the ground up as a marketing and inventory tool. In the marketplace since 1984, installations in Great Earth Vitamin stores in the San Francisco and Los Angeles area.
    [This product is now at End-Of-Life Status.]