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Wine Filterability Appliance

Introduction Increase laboratory productivity by automating your filterability analyses with the reliable and compact Wine Filterability Appliance. Economical and simple to use, the appliance connects to a laboratory balance equipped with a serial interface module. Start the wine flowing, press enter, and the appliance will accumulate the data, calculate the linear, exponential, and power models, display the results on-screen, and print the results on a compact 40-character printer.

The turnkey solution eliminates configuration problems and makes it easy to standardize the process across multiple sites. The compact size takes up minimal counter space. The operating system and software are installed on flash memory, no floppy hard or hard drives are needed. As a result, the system is completely secure and immune to infection.

The appliance uses four shock-mounts as feet, it can be placed behind the display or mounted on the wall or under a shelf. Keyed connectors make setup easy. Short power cables (12") are provided to reduce wiring clutter

Packaged System The Filterability Solution bundled package includes:
  • Wine Filterability Appliance, power supply, and power cable
  • Software preinstalled on flash memory
  • Data Entry Keypad
  • 3' IEEE-1284 parallel cable
  • One-year service and support.

  • Documentation
  • System operating manuals
  • Installation checklist
  • Standardized filterability procedure

  • System Specification Designed for dedicated applications, the system features a specially engineered control board that simplifies system integration. Industrial grade construction allows it to withstand continuous operation in a harsh environment where reliability is a must. Manufactured to ISO9001 standards, the system incorporates the main processor, standard interfaces, and controllers, and encases them in a protective, industrial strength shell.
    Single Board Computer (SBC) CPU: AMD AM5x86-P75 CPU
    BIOS: Award 128 KB Flash BIOS
    Chipset: Ali M1487/M1489
    Green function: APM 1.1 compliant
    Parallel port: One SPP/EPP/ECP parallel port

    Ethernet interface: 10 Mbps Ethernet via RJ-45 connector, NE2000 compatible
    RAM: One 72-pin SIMM socket accepts up to 128 MB DRAM. 4 MB DRAM on board
    I/O bus expansion: One PC/104 expansion slot
    VGA Interface: 1 MB DRAM Supports resolutions up to 1024 x 768
    Standard I/O Chipset: UMC UM8663/UM8667
    Serial ports: 3 RS-232 (COM1 to COM3), 1 RS-422/485 port
    All with +5 V or +12V power output capability on Pin 9, protected by 1A polyswitch fuse. Digital Isolated I/O Ports: Digital outputs 2 open-collector outputs to drive relay or solenoid (max. 50 VDC, 500 mA)(RJ-11 jacks)
    Digital inputs: 2 TTL-compatible inputs to sense status (RJ-11 Jacks)
    Solid State Disk: 512 KB installed, up to 24 MB Flash, SRAM, EPROM memory

    Mechanical and Environmental Power Supply: 40 watt AC adaptor
    Universal input voltage: 90 - 240 V AC @ 50/60 Hz
    Output voltage: 24 V @ 3 A
    Operating temperature: 32F - 131F (0 - 55C)
    Dimensions: 12.59" L x 3.35" H x 4.33" W
    Weight: 7.1 lbs
    Approvals: CE, FCC, UL, TUV

    Keypad Keypad: 18-key dark gray numeric keypad
    Operating temperature: 32F - 158F (0 - 70C)
    Dimensions: 3 3/4" X 5" X 1" (9.5cm X 12.5cm X 2.5cm)
    Weight: 0.36 lb
    Approvals: Complies with FCC Class B standards

     The following additional items are required for operation:
    Supported Balances An electronic toploading balance with 0.1g readability and a serial (RS-232) port is required. The following balances are supported (the Scout Pro is preferred):
    Ohaus Scout Pro Weighing range: 0-2000g
       Ohaus No.: SP2001-US
       RS-232 Interface w/ cable: Ohaus: 71147376
    Ohaus Explorer Pro Weighing range:0-4100g
       Ohaus No.: EP4101
    Ohaus Adventurer Pro Weighing range:0-2100g
       Ohaus No.: AV2101
    Mettler Toledo PB3001-S/FACT Weighing Range: 0-3100g
       Plus optional serial cable
    Mettler Toledo PL3001-S Weighing Range: 0-3100g
       Plus optional serial cable
    Printer 40-character impact dot-matrix printer: Selected for their compact size, high-speed throughput (3-5 lines per second), low maintenance, and reliability. Use standard roll paper or carbonless copy paper. Printer must have a parallel interface. Standard Laser or Ink-jet printers may also be used, but are not advised.
    Misc. Items:
  • Container Stainless steel pressure vessel (3.8 L) with pressure gauge, safety relief valve, flow shutoff valve, and hose barb inlet/outlet connections.
  • Beakers: (500 mL)
  • Swinnex: (13 mm diameter)
  • Membrane filters: 0.45 micron (13 mm diameter)
  • Sample buckets: (1500 mL)
  • Nitrogen supply: set at 345 kPa (50 PSI)
  • Consumables: Additional printer paper and ribbon cartidges
  • Display:LCD VGA display (15" suggested)

    Equipment and supplies are available at Fisher Scientific and VWR

  • Installation Setup takes only minutes. The cables are keyed and clearly marked.

    Above installation shows under-cabinet mounting of the computer, power supply, and power strip. The savings in counter space is noticable.
    Sample Printout
    Sales and Support Technical support is provided via e-mail, the Web, and telephone.

    Pricing available upon request. Contact: sales