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Tea Time
"As far as I can tell, many consultants come as close to an office cubicle as some guy who feels he can write a first hand experience of the Donner Party because he ate beef jerky for dinner once."   · Dogbert

Welcome to a consultancy from the trenches and in the kitchen.

Looking Glass Research has been providing a variety of Information and Technology services to the business community since 1984. With a reputation for exceeding client expectations and surpassing stated wants and needs, we differentiate ourselves from the competition by providing value above and beyond what could reasonably be expected.

We specialize in appropriate technology, the proper matching of solutions to needs. We use our strategic, creative and technological know-how to build successful products, services and businesses on the web.

We can do the same for you.

Martin Maxwell   Director and Principal Consultant, with more than 20 years of systems integration experience combining both consulting, government, and private industry knowledge.
Priscilla Flores   Trend Market Analyst, Focus Groups.
Bliss Sandipaugh   Human Relations, Customer Service, Mailroom.
Angelina Lopez   New Product Development, Emerging Markets.