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Martin Maxwell

My Credentials... Over 28 years experience in introducing new technologies into organizations, with two of them spent detailing and modeling what happened before and after the change, how the work process itself changed. I work closely with three of the biggest dangers there are: users, senior management, and the technology itself. Often my users are senior management, and the technology represents or embodies strategic change. What sort of background do I have, you ask?
education.edu Professional Wallpaper
  • B.A. 1976 California State University, Sacramento. Communications Studies
  • M.A. 1988 California State University, Sacramento. Communications Studies
  • One year post-graduate research, National Institute For Higher Education, Dublin, Ireland. EDOCDEL: An Implementation of Commission Of European Communities Electronic Document Delivery (DOCDEL) and Invisible College (INCOLL) Projects
  • U.S. Department of State, Foreign Language Institute - Spanish
  • California Community College Teaching Credential, Communication Services and Related Technologies.
  • State of California - Sustained Superior Acomplishment Award
  • State of Califorina Certified Professional Wine Judge
experience.edu Visiting Lecturer in the School of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of the Pacific. Spring semester: Computer Network Security (ECPE/COMP 178) - security of networked computer systems. Topics include TCP/IP protocols, cryptography, authentication, policy development, exploitation/malware, rootkits, forensic analysis, and defense mechanisms. Cisco Networking Lab tools included nmap, nessus, wireshark, snort, ophcrack, and elitewrap.
Fall 2009: Computer Networks (ECPE 177) - local and wide-area computer networks and the Internet, architectures and protocols, routing and switching, network management and security. Cisco Networking Lab provides hands-on configuration of switches and routers. Part time - From Spring 2008 to present.

Research Associate at the National Institute for Higher Education, Dublin, Ireland. Researched microcomputer operating systems and the International Standards Organization (ISO) Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) computer data communications protocol. Implemented an electronic document delivery system (EDOCDEL), presented preliminary results at European Economic Commission (EEC) conference on Electronic Document Delivery in Luxembourg. Responsible for Communications Department microcomputer lab, departmental staff and student training. From September 1983 to June 1984.

experience.com Technology Consultant with Looking Glass Research, since 1984. Wine filtration analysis software/hardware. Clients include Constellation Wines (TRV, Mondavi, Ravenswood), Fosters Wine (Beringer, Meridian), The Wine Group (Franzia, Concannon), and Delicato Vineyards. Provide services (systems integration analysis/design, application development, Internet security consulting, for specific markets and selected clients. Previous projects include Point of Sale (POS) system software, and e-commerce website development. Part time - From 1984 to present.
  • dot.ca.gov (California Department of Transportation)
    Systems Software Specialist III Technical Lead - Enterprise Network Security. Provide technical leadership and knowledge to team members, all of the below and more. From January 2011 to present.
    We keep the dot in .ca.gov.
    Systems Software Specialist II The Caltrans WAN Management Team administers a statewide network infrastructure with an MPLS core, GigabitEthernet and ATM switches and routers, GigaMAN, OC3 (155mbs) and DS3 (45mbs) circuits, and a Frame-Relay distribution network connecting over 500 sites. Enterprise class hardware and software, the biggest from the best. Projects include: WAN security (vulnerability assessment, penetration testing), time (multiple stratum 0 NTP reference clocks), documentation (WAN diagrams, content, procedures, reports), analysis (trends, metrics, technology, forensic), and monitoring (building the virtual enterprise network operations center). Implemented an open-source network traffic system that generates 24,000 graphs/hour. From February 1999 to January 2011.
    We put the dot in .ca.gov.

  • it was an education....
    Staff Information Systems Analyst Specialist for the Food Distribution Program of the California Department of Education. Project lead for developing new programs and automated processes within the program and Y2K efforts in fixing a legacy RAMIS application. Wrote Feasibility Study Report and Business Continuity Plan, ran an Intranet server, and educated program management on emerging technologies. From 1997 to 1999.

  • the fish were cool..........
    Associate Programmer Analyst Specialist for and the designer of the Computer Projects Unit at the Bay-Delta and Special Water Projects Division, California Department of Fish and Game. Designed, built, and managed the Bay-Delta LAN, which integrated the research biologists, resident US Fish and Wildlife Service computers, the Departmental network, and the emerging Internet. Designed and implemented the Bay-Delta webserver, redesigned and provided support for the Departmental website in the fall of 1996, here is the press release. The new design was chosen as the Resources Agency Web of the Month.
    In 1995 the Bay-Delta webserver developed and hosted the first known Internet Hunt Registration, which had a surprising 25% of the total registrations come via the Internet. In 1996 the number jumped to 50%! Project lead developing an Internet-faced real-time monitoring program tracking fish populations in the Sacramento-San Joaquin delta and San Francisco Bay estuarine system to assist in the management of the Central Valley Project water exports. Supervised an amazingly talented student assistant who wrote a HTML/Perl front-end for our alphanumeric pagers (and other feats of coding magic). We provided 24/7 network support using Linux, Apache, Postgres95, Perl, SAMBA, and junker salvaged hardware for the servers - benthic technology. Provided multimedia support for a variety of applications, including posters, slides, reports, kiosks, and the website.
    A member of the California Resources Agency CERES Technical Committee, the California Home Page Design Workgroup, and the Interagency Ecological Program (IEP) Data Utilization Work Group. Was honored to be a part of work by the UCB Digital Library Project and to store a few bytes at the San Diego Supercomputer Center. From 1992 to 1997.

  • in control....
    State Controller's Office (SCO), Office Automation Project, 1985 to 1992, with a very nice private office on and facing Capitol Mall in the Emerald-green "Oz" building in Sacramento (compared to my first desk at Bay-Delta, which was in the half subterranian former drive-in movie projection and snack bar building called the bunker). Provided the advanced technical support for hardare, operating systems, and applications software for over 800 computers in a DOS, Windows, Macintosh, Wang, and Unix environment. Wrote applications to replace legacy applications and streamline workflow. Lead instructor for microcomputer segments of the State Programmer Apprentice Program. Received a Sustained $uperior Merit Award in 1992.

  • Department of Health Services (CP/M Osborne, Northstar, Monroe, Kaypro, Zorba, DOS IBM-PC, and UNIX) 4 years. Introduced and implemented desktop word processing to several branches.
  • Employment Development Department (WANG) Time-motion cost modeling.
  • State Compensation Insurance Fund (Regresion analysis on a calculator).
  • Agency for International Development Consultant - Tecucigalpa, Honduras.
  • recent training
  • Implementing Cisco MultiProtocol Label Switching (MPLS)
  • Cisco Secure PIX Firewall Advanced
  • Cisco 12000 Series Gigabit Switch Routers
  • Cisco IP Multicasting
  • Designing Cisco Networks
  • ...and a good technical library.
  • current projects/interests
    Information Technology Strategies Data mining, storage management, and pervasive networking. Some active areas of research and design include:
    • Long-term document formats and storage media
    • Sustainability: strategies for design and operation
    • Refurbishing legacy hardware to maximize return on investment
    • Refining Benthic Technology, a bottom-line based IT strategy.
    publications and presentations As a village elder, one must pass on the oral and written history..... I try to do my part.
    • Guest Lecturer at the University of the Pacific.
    • In the Trenches, A Dark and Stormy Night Lan Times Magazine, 10/13/1997.
    • Practical Production Tool: Filtration Analysis L.A. Berg, Todd Ziemann, and Martin Maxwell, 1996. Practical Winery & Vineyard, May/June, 1996: p.65-71.
    • Computer Automated Wine Filtration Analysis T. Ziemann, M. Maxwell, and L.A. Berg, 1995. American Society for Enology and Viticulture.
    • Bay-Delta Research and the Internet Interagency Ecological Program Annual Conference, Asilomar. 1995.
    • Guest speaker for Computer Faires, Inc. and Interface Group.